Auditing Configuration

This screen allows you to configure which auditing events are handled by which workflow.

Events are generated and put on an Event Queue.   There is a listener that will process all these events, and dispatch them to the appropriate workflow.


Field Description
Event Type Describes to which event types the application will listen. For an overview of event types, please refer to this page.
Workflow Handler Select which workflow will handles events of this type.
Enabled Can be toggled to enable or disable listening to a specific event type
Batch Can be toggled to group multiple events of the same type into a batch. More information below.


For environments with a lot of traffic, it could be desirable not to kick off a new workflow with each event.  For these circumstances, we've added the possibility to group the events into batches, so they can be handled more efficiently, while remaining available in near real-time.

Currently the settings are set as follows:

Maximum Batch Size: 100

This means that the maximum amount of events (of this event type) that will be grouped into one batch will be 100. As soon as the hundredth event is added, the whole batch will be sent to the workflow.

Idle Time-out: 1000 milliseconds

This means that after 1000 milliseconds (1 second) of not receiving a new event of this type, all the grouped events will be pushed to the workflow.

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