Installation files

Add new node using password defined in Ansible vault
Main Ansible playbook for installation and upgrades.

How To

You can start the installation when you did the preparation from point 4

  • cd /opt/trustbuilder/installer
  • ansible-playbook -i <environment> trustbuilder.yml
  • Enter the vault password that you choose

the this installer will remove trustbuilder-appliance package from your servers. Please be sure that you took a backup of you setting files inside this installer.

Single install example

cd /opt/trustbuilder/installer
cp -r default single
cd single
vi hosts
cd files/certificates
./generate_self_singed <your_hostname>
cd ../..
ansible-vault rekey ./group_vars/trustbuilder_all.yml
ansible-vault edit ./group_vars/trustbuilder_all.yml
#Change the passwords 
cd ..
ansible-playbook -i single trustbuilder.yml
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