Users Overview


This is the overview of all the users that are known in the IDHub user repository (database).

Filtering users

The users can be searched or filtered, by using a complex filter (multiple parameters in the filter). 

The first field chooses which attribute to filter on. 

The second field is the operator, and it is determined based on the selection of the attribute:

  • A text-based attribute will allow to filter on an attribute value (equals) or a part of an attribute value (contains)
  • A date-based attribute will allow to filter on the date range (before, after)
  • etc.

The third field is the value itself on which you wish to filter (for example all users that have last Authenticated today).  

As soon as you apply the filter, the user list below will contain only the users that conform to the filter requirements.

If no filter is applied, all users are shown (paginated)


The overview of all users with their attributes.  The columns can be shown or hidden by clicking the icon in the top right of the table.  They can be expanded or contracted and sorted.

On the top right is a button to manually add a new user to the database


  • Delete
    Removes the user from the repository. Careful: this cannot be  undone
  • Edit user
    Click here to see and edit all the user's attributes
  • Provision Identity
    Click here for more information if the user is linked and/or verified for the IDP's
    Full explanation
  • Consents
    Shows all the consents that have been given by this user, and when they were given.
  • Block
    Disables this user from using any Service Provider. 
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