Application Catalog


The application catalog is a built-in page in IDHub, that allows a user to access any Application (Service Provider) configured in IDHub, provided that user has access to the Service Provider.

When a user logs in using an Identity Provider, but was this was not requested by a Service Provider, the user will be redirected to the Application Center rather than receiving an error message.


The Application Catalog can be accessed from https://server.ext/idhub/authenticate/applicationcatalog/builtin

If this URL is set (which is the initial location), the Application Catalog page will be served by IDHub, taking into account the matching global page setting. 

When IDHub receives an IDP-initiated assertion and it does not contain a relayState/redirect_uri and cannot be linked to an SP request, the user will be directed to the Application Catalog.

Default Template

Each application is labeled with an icon. There are three possibilities to display the user's access:

  • Not authenticated: the user is not logged in
  • Access (open lock): the user is authorized to access the application
  • No Access (closed lock): the user is not authorized to access the application. This could be remedied by using a stronger authentication method or a different Identity Provider.

Note: it's currently not supported to hide the application from the catalog if the user is not authorized, however this could be achieved by changing the Application Center template.


You can configure which Service Providers are available in the Application Catalog, by adding them in Settings > Other > Application Catalog > SPs.

The application catalog is available as a template (DEFAULT_APPLICATION_CATALOG_PAGE) or you can set your own location.

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