Many of the functions of the portal are exposed through a REST API.  Hence these functions are not only available to TrustBuilder workflows.

The functionality includes, amongst others:

  • management of user attributes

  • management of users and provisioning

  • management of identity and service providers

  • management of authentication schemes

  • management of access policies

  • computing a user's access rights for a URL

  • management of mail and web templates

  • management and validation of Digipass tokens linked to the user model 

  • management of various settings

  • self-service calls

  • branding.

The REST call parameters and data types are described in swagger files.

Authentication and Authorization Flows

Noticeably absent from the previous list is the functionality to start  the necessary authentication and authorization flows when accessing a  service. These flows are handled by the Orchestrator. The Orchestrator also manages sessions.

Accessing REST Calls

The REST API is organized in five parts.

API Path Comment
Admin hostname/idhub/admin/api/v1/* Requires a session (optional authorization rules may apply)
Installer hostname/idhub/installation/* No session required
Login hostname/idhub/login Basic user / password authentication only
Public hostname/idhub/public/api/v1/* No session required
Self-service hostname/idhub/selfservice/api/v1/* Some calls require a session

API Docs v9.1

API Docs v9.2

API Docs v9.3

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