Upgrade Procedure

Point to the new location for your installation:

rpm -Uvh https://repository.trustbuilder.io/trustbuilder/${environment}/versions/${version}/trustbuilder-release-${version}.noarch.rpm 

Pull in the latest trustbuilder-appliance installation package:

sudo yum update trustbuilder-appliance

After that you configure the version of TB you want to install.

Modify the file /opt/trustbuilder/appliance/config/environment.yml

To install 9.4.5 your file should look like the example below:

- hosts: localhost
  become: yes
    - { role: environment,
        tb_repo: "production",
        tb_repo_username: "",
        tb_repo_password: "",
        tb_version: "9",
        tb_version_major: "4",
        tb_version_minor: "5",
        update_packages: true

If you don't want to upgrade all the packages (non-trustbuilder) to this version immediately set upgrade_packages to false.

Run the environment.yml file as trustbuilder user

ansible-playbook -v  /opt/trustbuilder/appliance/config/environment.yml

Verify the folder /etc/yum.repos.d only contains the files: 

trustbuilder-epel-centos-custom.repo and trustbuilder.repo

Now you can re-run your playbook that you used to install the appliances.

# cd /opt/trustbuilder/appliance/config

# ansible-playbook -v my-playbook.yml

The database role can sometimes be unstable for clustered environments. You can leave this role out of the playbook when running an upgrade.

In rare cases it could be that the Gateway Service will not start. The root cause can be found by executing the following command:

sudo systemctl status tb-gw-default

or 'sudo systemctl status tb-gw-{your-instance-id}' in case you specified a custom instance id for your gateway

Any errors need to be fixed manually and then you can rerun the ansible-playbook again.

If everything runs correctly TrustBuilder should be up and running.

All that is left now is to update the database scheme of idhub. You can do this by accessing https://your-hostname/idhub/install

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