Gemalto Adapter

Gemalto Adapter


The GemaltoAdapter allows TrustBuilder to send various requests to a Gemalto server. As the Gemalto server is an HTTP server, the GemaltoAdapter re-uses most of the default HttpAdapter behaviour.


Runtime parameters

As the Gemalto reuses most of the HTTP-adapter settings, please read HTTP-Adapter chapter.

Session Authentication

In addition to the regular HttpAdapter server options, configuring a Gemalto server includes the (optional) step of specifying username and password (plain text) to create Gemalto sessions.

Workflow Settings

A request for the adapter is prepared by specifying the following properties/scripts in the adapter activity:

  • Input Property: the variable containing the instructions the adapter have to execute
  • Output Property: the variable the adapter will store the response in after execution
  • Before Adapter Script: script that will be executed before calling the adapter
  • After Adapter Script: script that will be executed after the adapter fulfilled its task

Request - API

Identical to HTTP Adapter

Response - API

Identical to HTTP Adapter

Response Codes

Identical to HTTP Adapter

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