Proxy configuration

Proxy configuration

TrustBuilder Proxy is a new addition since Trustbuilder 8 and is a module to the popular reverse proxy nginx. It allows intercepting requests when certain criteria aren't met and can add certain headers to requests being sent to backend services.

Basic configuration options

  • trustbuilder_login : Location to post login information too [ server section ]

trustbuilder_login '/login';

  • trustbuilderinvalidationloc : Location where invalidation of will happen [ server section ]

trustbuilderinvalidationloc '/logout';

  • trustbuilder_auth : Named location used when user is authorised [ location section ]

trustbuilderauth '@backendapp';

  • trustbuilder_protected : Flag notifying that this location should be protected [ location section ]


Advanced options

  • jvm_path : Path to the java runtime library [ http section ]

jvm_path "/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/lib/amd64/server/";

  • jvm_options : Extra options to pass to the jvm, contains normally only the runtime part of the module [ http section ]
  • trustbuilder_store : Store in which the proxy will store session information [ http section ]

trustbuilderstore '<redishost>';

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