Configuration General Tab

Configuration General Tab


On the first tab of the configuration screen are general details directly related to the configuration.

Configuration Name

This is the name of the configuration as displayed throughout TBA. This has no effect on the TB engine.

Configuration Tags

This is the same as the tags entry on the Config & Servers screen and is only used within TBA.


This is the same as the description that can be entered in a configuration when newly created on the Administration screen. It is also displayed in the config.xml file.


This is the TB Engine license. If this is a newly created configuration it will be an expired license.

To enter a new license click the Update button within the license box.

A form will then be displayed to past a new license key into.

Click the Save button to update the license or cancel.


These enable or disable extra functionality of the TB Engine. Each extension is described by moving the mouse over the question mark icons to the right of each label.

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