Identity Provider Types: Mobile Authenticator


This feature has been deprecated from IDHub 10.x onwards.  The old "Trustbuilder 4 mobile application" has also been pulled from the app stores, and replaced with a new app which uses a different protocol set.

This IDP is integrated with the TrustBuilder4Mobile application. A one-time password is used to authenticate the user. 

This only works for the Mobile tokens that were dispensed by Trustbuilder (ie. Mobile tokens that reside in our User Database).  


Field Description
Display Name User defined name of the Identity Provider
URL Not used, for informative use only. 
Description User defined description of the Identity Provider
Type "Mobile Authenticator"
Subject Defines which attribute is used to identify the Subject
Issuer Name The issuer of the mobile token that is displayed to the user in the TB 4 Mobile application.
Mobile App Time-out
in seconds
After this time-out expires, the Mobile App will go back to the lock screen.
The minimum value applied is 120 seconds.
Transaction Time-out
in seconds
Determines how long it takes for a one-time code to expire. Once expired, a new code is generated and displayed, and the old code is no longer valid.
QR Code size
in pixels
Determines the size of the QR code that is displayed after a user registers for a new token.
Page Setting

This determines the page that is presented to the user to log into the IDHub IDP.

  • Location: the URL (relative path) on which the webpage is available
  • Template: Select a template from the available templates.  The default template (cannot be changed) is at least available.
Registration Endpoint This is the location where user is directed to register for a new Mobile Token.
The default value "/idhub/mobileauthentication/builtinregister" redirects to a Service Provider (type: Proxy) set up in IDHub.
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