Identity Provider Types: Internal



There are two types of "Internal IDP":

The first one is the Identity Provider that is configured automatically when IDHub is installed. This is the IDHUB_IDP_UP.  This IDP will look up the subject in the user repository (database).  The settings of this IDP cannot be changed, with the exception of "Page Setting"

Other types of Internal IDP will delegate the Authentication to a workflow.


Field Description
Display Name User specified name of the Identity Provider
URL Not used, for informative use only.
Description User specified description of the Identity Provider
Type "Internal"
Subject Defines which attribute is used to identify the Subject
Workflow Select the workflow that will handle the user authentication.
This field will be ignored on the built-in IDP (IDHUB_IDP_UP)
Page Setting Only for the built-in IDP (IDHUB_IDP_UP). This determines the page that is presented to the user to log into the IDHub IDP.
  • Location: the URL (relative path) on which the webpage is available
  • Template: Select a template from the available templates.  The default template (cannot be changed) is at least available.

Note: Be sure the location or template is functional, or you will not be able to log back into IDHub.

This field is not used by other internal IDP types.
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