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Unsupported Appliance Changes

The TrustBuilder appliance is very flexible and allows clients to customize many aspects of the product.

Many of these customizations are intended, such as the ability to  define custom user attributes, to add custom identity providers  implemented by means of workflows, to enrich user data through  workflows, or to add service provider locations to the gateway.

Other aspects of the product are not intended to be changed by the  customer. Modifying those aspects may invalidate support of the product  by TrustBuilder Corporation. If in doubt, contact TrustBuilder  Corporation.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of unsupported appliance changes.

  • Installing new CentOS applications and replacing CentOS libraries.
  • Replacing MariaDB, OpenResty and Redis / Sentinel installations.
  • Replacing Java libraries such as the TrustBuilder and Tomcat jars.
  • Adding jars to implement new TrustBuilder services.
  • Replacing the Java RTE and the Java security policy file.
  • Modifying the file structure and permissions on the appliance.
  • Modifying Tomcat, MariaDB or Redis / Sentinel settings.
  • Modifying the MariaDB schema and adding databases.
  • Modifying the provided gateway Lua scripts.
  • Adding webapps to Tomcat.
  • Modifying the Ansible scripts.
  • Modifying the out-of-the-box workflows and the SAML2 and WS-Trust STS components.

Unsupported Access to Internal Data Structures

Directly accessing internal data structures not exposed through API's is not supported (e.g. session data).

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