Service Provider Types: API


The API Type of Service Provider is a bit of an exception compared to the other types.

It's primary use is for Machine-to-Machine communication, so it does not have a user (human) to complete the signing in.  

Instead, the User Authentication has already taken place before the API is called, and IDHub will validate the Bearer Token, and check if the caller has authenticated and (possibly) proper authorization.

Therefore, there is no Identity Provider to link to. The Authentication Scheme is also not applied.


Field Description
Display Name
User defined name of the Service Provider
URL Not used
Description User defined description of the Service Provider
Authentication Scheme Irrelevant for this type of Service Provider
Type API*
Location Path that indicates where the Service Provider is located.  
Hostname Hostname of the server (if another server than the Admin Portal Server is used). Subdomain and domainname.  
If not provided, this server hostname is used.
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