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In IDHub every entity requires a dynamic amount of attributes. The reason behind this is that we can use our Authorization Engine (and policy) based on attributes to influence given decisions.

These attributes are related to a user these can be:

  • TrustBuilder repository attributes: The value is in the TrustBuilder repository
  • Virtual Attributes: The value is fetched from an external repository (for example a CRM Database) and can be used during administration and  authentication.
  • Federated Attributes: Attributes are received during authentication  from the Authentication Mechanism (Identity Provider) and are cached in  the session for the duration of the session

Because it is a dynamic model we need to define the attributes that are available to use

Overview Page

The User Attributes page displays all the attributes that are available in Trustbuilder/IDHub.

They are grouped in categories (which can be collapsed).

To create a new attribute, press "Add New User Attribute" in the top right corner.


Column Description
Order Value 2
Display Name This is the unique name or identifier given to the Attribute, and there cannot be two same identifiers(name) for the same Category.
Description Description text of the User Attribute.
Properties Cfr. Definitions of User Attribute Properties for an explanation of each property.
Format Icon representing the format of the attribute. For a full list: cfr: Data Formats
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