IDHUB Settings (Server)


IDHUB Settings (Server)

Settings(Server) - This SMTP Server will be handling all the communication (Email, SMS, Workflow…) between IDHUB Admin Portal and Users


These settings are used to configure the authentication gateway.


The port to be used for Oauth


The page settings cover locations that authenticated users are directed to.


Communication Channels describe how the IDHUB communicates with Users, for instance to send an email with a Reset Password token to a User who has forgotten his/her password, and has therefore requested for a password reset

Default Channel

Specify the default communication that is to be used for communication with users.


The mail channel defines how communication is sent to a user when using email.

From – This settings of the SMTP Server indicates the source (senders email address) for example:

Host – This settings of the SMTP Server indicates the host name or IP Address

Password – This is only needed when User need to be authenticated

Port – This is the port on which to access the SMTP Sever, the default port is 587

User – This is only needed when User need to be authenticated

Functional Description

This operation is used to set the correct server parameters for the Email that will be used to subsequently request a password reset

  • Click Settings under Configuration
  • Set the correct Mail Server parameters that pertains to the organisation, and click button Save & Close (the From settings of the server will then become the email that will be used by the system to communicate with Users, for instance when a user requests a password reset, the email token will be sent from this email address)
  • Go to the Login page of the Admin Portal or any other Service/Application for that matter, and make a password reset request
  • Go to the email used to request the password reset, and click on link in email to complete the password reset process
  • Log into Admin Portal or any other service/application for that matter with credentials (existing Log-in ID, and newly reset password)
Possible Alerts that can be encountered during this operation

User will be informed via an alert message underneath the respective fields if Users clicks on Save & Close without entering any data when the Mail Option is activated or selected (to be reviewed….)

User will be informed about a possible password mismatch until User enters a matching password for fields Password, and Confirm Password


A TrustBuilder workflow can be specified as a means to communicate to a user. Specifiy an ID of a TrustBuilder workflow that will be called when communication is required. This allows for endless possbilities in communication and opens up the possibility of auditing communications.

ID The ID of a TrustBuilder workflow.


These settings refer to the configuration of Digipass if used with IDHUB.


Active Digipass must be active for it to be used and configured for each user. When active in the Users screen a Digipass button will be available to view and de-activate tokens for each user.

Single Token If there is a single token per user.


Identification Threshold For how long Digipass data blob is locked during activation. Default is 0 which is not locked.

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