Cookie handling in workflows

This is an example of how you can set cookies in a workflow

var cookies = {
	"TbSession": {                 // name of the cookie
		value: 'someIdentifier',   // content of the cookie
		maxage: '300',             // expiration time in seconds
		path: "/",                 // define a (sub) path to optionally limit the scope of the cookie
		httponly: true,            // do not expose the cookie to javascript; defaults to false
		secure: true               // only send the cookie via https; defaults to false
	"RememberMe": {
		value: '1',
		maxage: '300',
		path: "/"
var header{
	"Content-type": "text/html",
	'X-Application': 'Trustbuilder'
tb.generateResponse('my doc',headers,cookies,200);
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