Increase the disk space on the appliance

This example gives the extra disk space to /var/log, you can ofcourse choose a different logical volume.

Steps to take:

  • create a snapshot of your machine, just in case...
  • increase the disk size in for example VMware
  • $> sudo su
  • #> fdisk /dev/sda
    • press 'd' (delete partition; no your data won't be gone)
    • which partition? 2
    • press 'n' (new partition)
    • partition type? p
    • partition number? 2
    • first sector? press Enter to accept proposed value
    • last sector? press Enter to accept proposed value
    • press 'w' (save changes)

now reboot the machine and login again

  • $> sudo su
  • #> pvresize /dev/sda2
  • #> vgextend tb /dev/sda2
  • #> lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/tb/var_log
  • #> xfs_growfs /var/log


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