End Of Support Dates

The latest 2 major releases will be maintained.  This includes all the minor (indicated by the second digit of the version number) versions as well. 

End of Support for TrustBuilder versions:

Version Released       End of Support      
TrustBuilder for TAM 2.2        31/08/2012
TrustBuilder Server 3.0   31/07/2011
TrustBuilder Server 4.0 30/09/2009 31/12/2013
TrustBuilder Server 5.0 31/07/2010 31/12/2014
TrustBuilder Server 5.1 31/03/2012 31/12/2014
TrustBuilder Server 6.0 31/08/2012 31/12/2015
TrustBuilder Server 7.0 31/12/2013 01/07/2018
TrustBuilder Identity Hub 8.0 31/12/2015 TBD
TrustBuilder Identity Hub 9.0 01/06/2017 TBD
TrustBuilder Identity Hub 10.0 TBD TBD

Other Support Notices

  • Since the release of IDHub 9.2, the SAML component is no longer maintained.  All functionality provided by the SAML Component is now available in the IDHub product.
  • IDHub 10.0 will introduce a new workflow designer and workflow management integrated into IDHub, which will replace the TBA application.  We will maintain the TBA Core application for the duration of the 10.x release, but will discontinue support for TBA from IDHub 11.x
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