Release of TrustBuilder 7.1.5


Fix NPE because PDException.getMessages() can be null.
Fix issue where CertificatePolicy isn't parsed entirely
Heapdump admin port
Bump version of santori
Incorrect parsing of signature attributes
Create base32 functions
Return null when clob/blob was null
Avoid npe when unknown certificate extension
Dropped xml from extensions + added combined extensions
Added items for IBM jdk 1.7
ING CEL api new methods
Script editor styling
When exporting with an expired license key, the error message is unclear.
Increased logging + ensure only 1 wipe is done over the pool
smtp adapter not mapped to object
Duplicate workflow name check in GUI (backport to 7.1)
Template editor not focusing correct tab
Config override properties set wrong in config.xml
Ensure decorator chain doesn't get broken
Container policies and Path Traversal issue


These fixes are automatically applied to TB8.0.

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