Release of TrustBuilder 8.0

Trustbuilder Engine / Core

  • Components
  • Kerberos tickets
  • Stacktrace in logging at TRACE level
  • Rendering redis service easier to use
  • More flexible xml signing/encrypting with xmlservice
  • TLSv12 available
  • WS-Trust Security Tokens
  • Time limited requests
  • Allow reload of trustbuilder properties through the engine
  • Adminport set as an context environment next to TB_HOME
  • Retrieve logging through admin socket
  • CRL2DB viewer as a rest service 
  • Column names in jdbc response api
  • Added ldap search filter escaping
  • Support for SAML HTTP-Redirect binding
  • SAML 1.1 / 2.0 Assertion Support
  • SecurityTokenService Component
  • Web Token Service
  • Generic Errorhandling in TrustBuilder
  • SAML2 Web Profile Component

TrustBuilder Administrator

  • Management of Authorization Policies
  • Management of TB Components
  • Open sub-workflow from within parent workflow
  • New Export interface displaying changed files in a table and a tree
  • Override properties functionality has been improved
  • Ability to create, import and manage certificate stores and certificates
  • Draft mode for workflows allowing saving of an incomplete or invalid workflow without exporting
  • Improvements to the workflow editor such as auto naming of files an scripts
  • Basic mode added for simpler configuration of adapters using API scripts
  • Layout changes to simplify views
  • Access to view, and tail, the log of a running TB core
  • Sorting of server blocks
  • Management port now only configured on a server
  • Notification list, all notifications are now listed and filterable.
  • Cancellation of requests
  • Script and template editors have reverted to opening in new window
  • Direct access to the latest documentation within TBA
  • Ability to upload scripts
  • New activities in workflow console: Error State and Components.
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