Release of TrustBuilder 7.1.4



  • [Core] - Unable to remove single ldap value from multi-value attribute
  • [Core] - Log Request and Response body of HTTP adapter
  • [Core] - EBE Adapter inconsistent configuration
  • [Core] - Document limiting behaviour of trustbuilder
  • [Core] - Allow ivcreds request without admin user on TAM Adapter
  • [Core] - Verify status before verifying signature
  • [GUI] - config.xml gets corrupted with an override for connectionPoolSize
  • [GUI] - When a network error occurs while exporting, config.xml missing
  • [GUI] - Handling of UTF-8 encoded templates by TBA
  • [GUI] - Export config wipes TBA folder and TB folder
  • [GUI] - Activating Java 2 Security results in permission exception
  • [GUI] - New configuration in TBA is using old style of license
  • [GUI] - Script editor showing incorrect tab on initial load
  • [GUI] - config override properties



  • [Core] - XXE Vulnerability closed 
  • [GUI] - Allow rename of an id of a workflow
  • [GUI] - Strange order with import of workflow
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