Release of TrustBuilder 7.1.3

Release Notes - TrustBuilder - Version 7.1.3


  • Incomplete warning is displayed in TBA


  • Engine reported duplicate warnings
  • Issue reopening with special characters in script editor
  • Templates should not contain the TBA editor in the source
  • Error when returning cookies / CCE with Constring to String
  • Import configurations does not link layout file to workflow
  • totp adapter property "window" is not set in config.xml
  • Wrong HTTP Server used when specifying 'was' as securityprotocol
  • TBA windows installer is not 64bit
  • Last supported day in "License box" shows wrong value
  • Workflow console editing script notifications are hidden
  • Export from template editor not working
  • Layers mixed in workflow editor after clicking export button
  • Exporting config, from config console screen, shows a warning, although no errors are reported
  • Open script in editor cannot type in script
  • Export also does a Restart
  • add new templates lets you add templates that are not visible
  • Workflow copy adapter after script is not modified
  • Adapter overrides often won't work correct
  • XML Parsing gives warning b.securit.trustbuilder.xml.XMLParser - Invalid schema location : undefined
  • Adapter Node name gets altered at every save action
  • Workflow copy provided workflow name is not respected
  • Allow the Digipass adapter for the AAL2VerifySignature() call
  • TBAGViewer role not working


  • Document HTTP Proxy
  • Added ldap search filter escaping
  • Script editor will revert to opening in a new window as before
  • clicking download as zip button gives stacktrace in catalina.out


  • Unit tests are failing for the Gemalto and AD adapters in TBA
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