Release of TrustBuilder 7.1.1

TB 7.1.1 has been released.

Documentation and downloads in the usual place :

Main changes

[TB-1668] - first line in script starts with /*TBAG instead of /*TBA
[TB-1669] - tooltips are ending with } character when adding new workflow
[TB-1670] - special characters in filenames or workflow names
[TB-1675] - Buttons missing when adding a new workflow
[TB-1677] - function not available after editing new script
[TB-1679] - EcmaError: ReferenceError: "tam" is not defined. (TamAdapter.register#8)
[TB-1681] - Change to schema means workflows cannot be saved in TBA
[TB-1683] - Error executing function : setPassword (TypeError: org.mozilla.javascript.Undefined@49494949 is not a function
[TB-1686] - ING custom adapter
[TB-1687] - TBA LicenceKey Error
[TB-1698] - Server tags not showing when no configuration tags present
[TB-1703] - Allow passing issuer in ocsp request to allow validation
[TB-1704] - Restarter role does not show servers
[TB-1715] - Small typo in GUI
[TB-1719] - tb.decrypt should automatic be aware of {enc}

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