Release of TrustBuilder 7.0.2

Version 7.0.2 has been released with some bugfixes included. Release notes can be found below.

Release Notes 7.0.2


[TB-1478] - Date service to UTC...
[TB-1480] - Export window not visible
[TB-1481] - History menu
[TB-1483] - Script files list not completely visible
[TB-1484] - Generated Adapter Ids are the same
[TB-1485] - Undefined when exporting all
[TB-1488] - Script editor is blank
[TB-1489] - Limit to number of out-going connections on right and bottom ports from workflow activity
[TB-1492] - script-file is not opening
[TB-1499] - Upload complete config zip is limited to 500kb
[TB-1500] - NPE when moving TB_HOME and not restarting
[TB-1507] - Error after clearing password in the http adapter form, reopening gives an error
[TB-1510] - Script editor goes blank when hitting backspace after save

[TB-1479] - Validation server scripts
[TB-1498] - Export override screen shows the label LDAP.Password-password
[TB-1508] - Sending html emails from Trustbuilder
[TB-1513] - Cookie saving is different in v7.1 and v7.0.2

[TB-1490] - Set correct servlet version (2.4 -> 2.5)

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  • what has changed here?
    [TB-1508] - Sending html emails from Trustbuilder

    We tested this in version 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 and had no issues?

    1. what changed?
    2. is a change in the scripts required (api changes?)
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