Release of TrustBuilder 7.0.0 & 6.0.7

Notible changes are:

Trustbuilder Engine / Core

  • New Adapters
    • SMTP
    • SNMP
    • SMPP
  • Session Management
  • OTP - OCRA support
  • Major improvements in TAM Adapter
  • Improvements to SAML adapter (IDP + generation of metadata)
  • Digipass improvements
    • Added Management Functions
    • Added Database Backend 
  • Added identifiers to engine/workflow/step to allow easier error handling
  • Allow override of masterpassword through jndi and os-protected files

TrustBuilder Administrator

  • Configurations and TB Servers no longer coupled
  • Ability to assign one configuration to more than one TB Server
  • Update to the Script Editor
  • Testing Workflows
  • Overriding properties
  • Import from TB Server
  • Export revamped including export to multiple servers
  • Interface updated
  • Administration of application
  • Filter displays
  • Export, Import and Restart all via management port.
  • Linux and Windows installers for Jboss and Tomcat
Since there was an race condition found in the TAM adapter on highly concurrent environment 6.0.7 was released at the same time.
It too can be found under the 6.0.x folder.
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